Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the DSLaunchpad ULTRA program last?

The program will last for 4 weeks from June 28th – July 23rd, 2021 and end with demo day.

How can I learn in this program?

The learning process can be done through the materials we provide in the “Materials” menu. This material can be in the form of videos, articles and PDF files that can be downloaded and studied by participants.

Can I share the material files I got from DSLaunchpad ULTRA?

We believe that knowledge should be shared, so feel free to share the materials available on DSLaunchpad for free.

What MANDATORY activities that participants must do during the DSLaunchpad ULTRA program?

Beside the material provided on the platform, participants are required to do a weekly report.

  1. First, tasks that will be submitted to the platform every week through the “Tasklist” feature where the matrices are already determined.
  2. Second, progress that will be submitted every week through the “Progress Tracking” feature where participants will share the learning points obtained during the webinar session and afterwards what can be done to improve the development process of an idea / solution or product / service in your startup.
  3. Taking part in a webinar session is a must.
  4. One-on-one session after the webinar for 10 chosen startups in every session.

What happens if I can not perform a task or not follow the weekly webinar sessions mentor?

Participants who do not submit weekly reports and do not attend weekly webinar sessions will be considered absent and this will affect the performance assessment and your point rewards in the platform.

This program does not seem suitable for me, can I resign in the middle of the program and get my money back?

No, you can’t. Participants who have agreed to join the program MUST participate 100% and complete the program until it’s finished.

What benefits will I get from this DSLaunchpad ULTRA program?

  • More connections and collaboration opportunities with other startups;
  • Participants who have followed the program 100% will get an official digital certificate from

Historically, 5 startups get funded 3 months after the program ends.

How do we choose startups that can join the DSLaunchpad ULTRA program?

We select startups that can join this program using the following criteria:

  • Pre-startup Founders

Those who already have ideas and the initial team to build it, but still lack the knowledge on how to start.


  • Haven’t launch the product
  • Already have ideas and concept
  • Already have founding team that handles marketing, business and engineering (technology)
  • Early Startup Founders

Those already launching their startup but having difficulties gaining traction, business model and marketing.


  • Already have an MVP
  • Already have founding team that handles marketing, business and engineering (technology)
  • Already have a company-based email domain

My cofounder and I don’t live in the same city? Can we still join this program?

Of course you can. This program will be 100% done online using our technology platform, so don’t let this stop you.

How’s the journey of this program?

June 2 – 20, 2021 – Registration Open

June 28 – July 23, 2021 –Incubation Program, Coaching & Mentoring Sessions

July 27, 2021 – Top 20 Announcement

July 30, 2021-Demo Day

When will the registration close?

The registration will close on June 8th 2021, timeline details can be checked on the homepage.

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